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Great novelettes from author Dianne L. Milner.

Are you in the market for some great novelettes and more? Looking for a good book, that you can't wait to turn the page to? Ready to find something enjoyable to read? Than look no further than the works of these new authors. 

These new authors has been working hard to provide thrilling books of various genre. As a self publishing author myself, I have worked hard to create stories. I thank God for blessing me with the gift to published several inspirational booklets and more. I also enjoy writing thrillers, and have a collection of murder mystery books that I have written.

I Dianne L. Milner, is always working hard to create the next masterpiece However, I lack certian skills, therefore I am calling on other new authors to work with me. My latest endeavor is to create a networking website for new authors to come together to help each other out. This site would allow authors to come together and review each others works. It would also create a good way to generate new ideas for marketing strategies. This collection of authors could also be used to help gain editors and literary agents for the participating authors. 

Please enjoy the website, and browse through the collection of my work, Dianne L. Milner. My  books are also available through Amazon.com.